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No, bee communities are not declining

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Just how to Examine Information

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Officer Bosco passes on

Yesterday, we received devastating news that our tracker dog Bosco has died. He has been at the vet for 6 weeks, having had complications from a thorn that imbedded in his chest from an anti poaching exercise in Tsavo in January this year. We have had been up to date on his progress and  jubilant that he was fit and ready to start work again but the vet passed the sad news that  he had died at night as a result of a twisted gut.

Bosco After operation

Officer Bosco, as he was known by the scouts, was already a legend in the Amboseli area before he died. Officer Bosco was responsible for more than 40 poachers arrested; these ranges from farmlands of Mbirikani; to the hot lowland of Rukinga and the armed poachers of Tsavo.


We are all devastated here, especially his handlers who worked with him for the last 4 years 7 days a week.

A big thank you goes to; Ol Jogi, Tusk Trust and Save the Rhino for making our tracker dog program happen, also for keeping Bosco in active service for his short, happy and very productive life.

Officer on a training

Contraband ivory set a blaze by the president

On Wednesday, conservationist across Kenya watched as the president of the nation sets ablaze contraband ivory sizes in Singapore in 2002. The 5 tonne ivory was burned in full glare of the media to send a signal to the poachers and ivory trades that their days are numbered.


Photo:Daily Nation

The ivory which originated from Zambia and Malawi were brought back to Kenya through the Lusaka Agreement Task Force which helped facilitate the return of the ivory from Singapore.

Present in the exercise are Kenya Wildlife minister, Kenya Wildlife Service director and representative of the Lusaka Agreement Task force president.

For more of this story read it from one of Kenya’s dailies.

Enkijape school goes hi-tech

For the last two days, I have been with teachers and pupils of Enkijape primary school inspecting their progress on an IT project known as the eagle project that’s going to change the face of Enkijape for good. Last month a group of Americans led by Alice Laimbeer donated three Ipads and a mac laptop computer to the school to aid the school in teaching. This is a big milestone in connecting Enkijape with their counter part at the higland school and discuss various topics of interest. Here is the school facebook account for more deatails about the eagle project.

Using the Ipad at Enjijape

Once again, a big thank you to Nicholas and Kathryn Kulick for their generous donation.

Help needed urgently

Today has been a busy day for me; as I had to coordinate the game scouts change over. This means that they rotate to four different stationed camps across Mbirikani Group Ranch each hosting eight rangers. I had to issue out rations and water for each team and other field equipment.

My HP computer

However, as I was preparing the game scouts duty rooster for the month of July; my computer suddenly shutdown. This is not the first time, but its been behaving this way for more than a month now. I have always been expecting this to happen. This computer, a HP brand was a donation  a year ago. It’s the same computer that host Maasailand Preservation Trust database and other organization records. In this regard, we are therefore looking for donations to purchase one laptop or if anyone has a computer that can be used for this worthy course please contact me through this blog for further information.

my hp on an external fan

On different note, a few days a go this blog highlighted a story of a rescued cheetah cub. I am sad to report that we have lost the cub two days after rescuing. Mean while our hope of finding the two  cubs continue to dwindle.

Thanks everyone for your comments and support.

Cheetah Cub Rescued

Look at this cute little one!

Rescued cheetah cub

This cub was found at the entrance of a boma yesterday morning. According to the warrior who rescued the cub; the cub had seen with the mother for five consecutive days with three two more cubs. Then on the third day, he saw two cubs by themselves.

He started monitoring the cubs until yesterday when he saw an emaciated cheetah cub outside his boma (kraal) entrance. The cub has since been rescued and taken to Richard Bonham house(MPT director). As per the witness, he  say my be the mother was killed by a male  grant gazelle she was trying to hunt.

We are looking for the other two cubs if they are still alive. Thanks everyone for your support donations.

Carnivore Conservation Workshop

For the last three days, a team of Maasailand Preservation Trust has been attending a carnivore’s workshop in Amboseli. The workshop brought together all key stakeholder and partners to discuss current initiatives focusing on carnivore conservation in the region in Serana Amboseli.


Among the presenters is MPT team led by Richard Bonham (MPT Chairman) presenting the challenges and successes of Predator Compensation Fund. Throughout the talks, it became apparent that lions in particular are declining not only in Kenya but across Africa as presented by the Tarangire Lion Project. But the good news is the conference participants are all coming up with the way forward to saving the king of the jungle. Among the solutions that were presented are; Expanding the compensation program to other areas including West Kilimanjaro following the success of the pilot program that was initiated in Mbirikani by Maasailand Preservation Trust in 2003.


Construction of Predator Proof bomas in areas that have high rate of conflict; this information will be derived from PCF data on killed livestock both from Kuku, Mbirikani and Olgulului. Improving of current initiatives to minimize human carnivore conflict through education and better livestock husbandry, through Eramatare project, Lion Guardians.

It was concluded that, all the participants will share information from different projects to better understand what’s happening in other areas of the ecosystem where some of the initiatives are not running.


Thank you everyone for readingour stories from the field.  Even though we have another blog, this one will still be in use. For those who will love to donate to MPT please do it here.